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Miluo Solid Surface Shower Trays also has 10+ years of experience in the market which recognized the same level of quality as other products. There are also various colour choices as well, such as black, white, grey, navy, red, green and more in particular dimensions and different shapes. The product is suitable for both of home design and public project, such as hotel bathrooms, retreat clubs, and beauty clubs. Additionally, the product has passed CE Certificate, GTS Certificate, and CUPC Certificate, etc.

According to the clients’ feedback all over the world, Miluo Solid Surface products are recognized by its high quality, easy maintenance, high performance and contemporary design. Miluo Solid Surface product involves with high-quality sustainable and renewable raw material including superior resin and sustainable rock flour. The product has rough finish surface which has better slip resistance function for safety. The shower trays have flat surface, and decline from the edge to the drain hole in the middle which is for better water drainage system. The surface has no stabs which is not going to hurt and scratch skins. Functionally, it is characterized by easy cleaning, high level resistance and zero water absorption to support customer’s daily use. Most importantly, Miluo Solid Surface shower trays is able to customize specific dimensions which is flexible to satisfying client’s particular needs. When client provides us his design concepts, detailed specifications, and any significant information, we will notify these information, and make a total cost of the design, hand-crafted process, mold tools, and cost of any specific process before the project begins. Additionally, Miluo also provides 10+ years warranty. Overall, Miluo Solid Surface bathtubs can not only provide high quality products and various selections of colour, but also sincere customer service.