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MILUO Bath in Hotel Plus Show Nanjing 2022 | MILUOAug 30, 2022
The product is highly resistant to stains. It has no cracks or gaps to make it easy to hide any dust and dirt.


Yujie Sanitary Ware CO., LTD was established in 1999 located in ZheJiang, China. The manufactory is more than 13,000 square meters specializing in design, manufacture and exporting bathroom furniture (bathtubs, basins, and bathroom cabinets) using artificial stones. We currently have more than 100 patents in intellectual property field and our products have been certified as reliable and approved in accordance with current safety and environmental standards. In 2005, our company has launched a new brand, Miluo focusing on personalized custom-built contemporary high end products. We aim to create a better lifestyle for everyone with high integrity. Therefore, our customers are able to customize our products based on their lifestyle. Our company mission is to deliver exquisite products with the best quality tailored to our customers needs.